What Copilot
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Advanced AI solutions for digital media. Easy to activate.

Retarget, prospect, customize and shift investment—Copilot is the engine to power your unique digital advertising strategy. Apply AI to make thousands of data-driven decisions behind the scenes, while you focus on strategic human insights and creativity.

Fewer wasted impressions. Less wasted time.

Your business is unique, and your algorithms should be too. Copilot makes granular bidding and investment adjustments in real time on top of your DSP to find the best area of opportunity, saving you time and money.

What you get :

Marketplace of algorithmic solutions

Select the advanced AI technology that aligns with your KPIs. Employ algorithmic strategies built on hundreds of thousands of learning models to discover and automatically act on hidden pools of value.

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Customized models

Don’t settle for standard industry capabilities. Leverage the data that affects your business goals to get stronger outcomes for every media dollar.

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Workflow efficiencies

Plug‑ins and tools to help streamline your workflow across multiple platforms.

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Seamless integrations

Technical infrastructure is taken care of. Get your campaigns firing on all cylinders, fast with established DSP integrations.

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Secure data access

As part of WPP & GroupM you can rest assured that all of our data touchpoints are authenticated and secure to your brand only.

Performance‑driving insights

Custom reporting, consistent across all DSPs, showing exactly how your optimized campaigns are delivering against key KPIs.

Dedicated team of AI experts

Real people with you every step of the way. Our team is always ready to talk AI. If you’re a beginner, we’ll make you a pro. If you’re more advanced, we can nerd out for hours.

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  • Marketplace of algorithmic solutions
  • Customized models
  • Workflow efficiencies
  • Seamless integration
  • Secure data access
  • Performance‑driving insights
  • Dedicated team of AI experts
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Automotive Purchase Intent
More Customers and Converters
Increase Financial Transaction Value
More Retail Return on Every Ad Dollar Spent

Get drivers behind the wheel

A unique optimization strategy that correlates key digital or offline actions to real life test drives and adjusts delivery in real time. Utilize a customized Copilot algorithm mapped to various online or offline points of influence to increase the likelihood of a real dealership visit while improving cost effectiveness.

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