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Our Data Science team is always tapped in to the latest thought leadership in our industry and beyond. Browse our collection of reviewed journals and see our thoughts on each.

Copilot data on 2021 Data Science Journal Club birthday

The Academics Behind AI: Featuring Copilot

Keeping up with the latest in AI technology is key to solving the complexities of a rapidly changing digital media industry. Check out our latest podcast to hear how five of our Copilot members stay up to speed.

Katherine Mello

Patent-pending Technology

Dig in to how Copilot transforms inputs with our Double Blind Machine Learning Insight Interface Aparatuses, Methods, and Systems patent. Yep, quite the mouthful!

Katherine Mello

Copilot Color Theory

A lot of technical thought goes into making sure we have the right colors to communicate the story of our AI. Let us take you through the evolution of Copilot’s color palette and some key decisions that were made to improve our designs along the way.

Tobias Sutters

The Making of Copilot Insights

In October of 2020, the Copilot team embarked on a journey of reimagining Insights through the lens of machine learning and data visualization. See the steps we took to build the newly launched Copilot Insights package - all from our homes during the pandemic.

Copilot to die in the year 3000?

Thank goodness our Head of Engineering was on it and found this detail in the Copilot Code: “just spotted this Y3K bug in our code. Looks like our google report will stop running jan 1 3000” - Adam Cushner. Don't worry- we fixed it!

Newly Published: Automatic Model Selector Paper

Multi-Armed Bandit powered Automatic Model Selectors- yep, this is a real thing! Check out our latest Tech Blog post on the recently published Data Science Paper to find out more about this scalable system for selecting online bidding strategies.

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