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Jacob Grabczewski
Head of Product

Meet Copilot

People-powered machine learning

More than an algorithm, Copilot is powered by a unique team of real people who thrive on daily improvement. Plus, with backgrounds that range from high frequency financial trading to astrophysics, we’re pretty confident we out‑nerd most of the adtech industry.

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The minds behind the machine

While AI is what we create, human intelligence is what we value. Our team of Data Scientists, Engineers, and Product Managers plus Xaxis programmatic experts work directly with brand teams to develop cutting edge AI that fits specific business needs.

Copilot team members chat in an office lounge.

The coolest nerds around

At Copilot, we love trying new things and are not afraid of failure. We aim high, take risks, and strive for daily improvement. Our team values honesty, openness, originality, and diversity.

We're like power‑up mushrooms on Super Mario.
Adam Cushner, Head of Engineering

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