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automate, amplify.

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Your media should impact your bottom line

Digital media promised advertising that is measurable, accountable and efficient. The industry has let you down. While advertising has never been more measured, it is more difficult than ever to make good decisions from the masses of data. Copilot not only allows you to put your unique data and strategies to work, but delivers against custom goals that truly impact your bottom line.

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Cutting-edge solutions. Open source mentality.

Copilot was started with a vision to help brands reach consumers with inspiring, meaningful, and purchase‑driving content in a scientifically better way. As a Xaxis‑built technology, we were incubated in a data‑driven space to tackle programmatic advertising, with a modular and fully customizable approach to big data. We take big problems and break them down into smaller decisions that can be modeled, scientifically predicted, and easily updated or sunset as needed.

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Advanced AI, easy activation.

What is your business trying to achieve? What do you know about your current consumers? Tap into a marketplace of customizable algorithms, insights, media experts and secure data, all supported by one of the world’s largest media companies. Let Copilot help you be more effective and efficient with your marketing strategy.

It’s the opportunity to co‑create something amazing with us.
Sara Robertson, Global VP of Disruption
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We’re all about human‑centric advertising

We believe AI should do more than automate—it should amplify human intelligence. Copilot frees advertisers from mundane optimization tasks so you can be inspired to execute new ideas, take risks and find better ways to connect people with products. We look at problems in a fresh way, ask questions, and challenge ideas. We build solutions up, and break them down as needed.

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